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“I have been working as a Realtor for a few years now and have definitely hit the ground running. My business has grown every year since I started but my work ethic has not changed. I promise to work hard for all of my clients and treat them with the utmost respect and common decency that they deserve. Buying or Selling a home in the competitive Richmond market is a complex and sophisticated task, which is why I take a team approach to ensuring you the best possible service. I have multiple people behind the scenes ensuring that every deadline, inspection, and notice are on time and in the proper place. And even though I do look at real estate as being most successful when performed through the team approach, you will never “not” be able to get a hold of me. I will never pass my clients off to be helped by someone else. I am never too busy to give you my full attention and commitment. If you sign on to have Scott Gibson as your Realtor, then you are going to get Scott Gibson.”

Having a diverse work history has helped to give me great instinct and intuition when it comes to the world of real estate. I have been a manager in both retail and fast food, worked in property management, and was a school teacher for multiple years. My time in property management helped me to learn what “red flags” to look for when it comes to the condition of a home. While my years as a teacher and degree in education gave me the ability to effectively educate and communicate what the home buying/selling process is like and to make sure that all my clients understand the process that they are about to undertake.

Though I was born in Danville, VA, I have spent over 25 years in the greater Richmond area having grown up in the West End. I love sports, the occasional video game, and spending time with my family. I have two sons, James who is 4 and Benjamin who is 2, and have been married to my high school sweet heart, Leslie, for almost 10 years. James is in his first year of preschool while Leslie is a manager of a non-profit that helps to provide specialist healthcare to those who have no health insurance and are in the poverty level.


  • REGIONS: I cover the entire Greater Richmond Area.
  • TYPE OF REAL ESTATE:My focus is residential real estate.
  • DEMOGRAPHICS:I will assist anyone and everyone, no matter where they are from, or what stage of life.


  • I taught high school government and history for four years.
  • I have written two novels.
  • My wife and I were high school sweethearts.


  • FAVORITE TEAM: The older I get, the more I realize that I just want to watch a good game! As long as it is close game, I typically don’t have a preference for either side. However, in college games, I always cheer for a team from the ACC.
  • FAVORITE SPORTS: I enjoy watching college basketball and football. I also enjoy playing golf.


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