Dan Duke

“I became a Realtor so I could better serve people. Serving is my passion and Real Estate is a great way to serve others in one of the most exciting moments in life. Being extremely organized and systematic, I started working in Real Estate as a transaction coordinator/listing manager, the transition to becoming a Realtor was a natural move. With the experience of several years learning the back end of the business, it made sense to start serving others from the beginning of the process as well.”


  • HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN A REALTOR: I got my license in 2018 but have been very involved in real estate since 2015 as a transaction coordinator and listing manager.
  • REGIONS: I am savvy with much of the Central VA area with experience in Ashland, Hanover, Goochland, Powhatan, Henrico, Chesterfield and the Capital.
  • TYPE OF REAL ESTATE: I am most interested in commercial real estate, but having worked in residential real estate for several years, I am very comfortable helping with residential properties.
  • DEMOGRAPHICS: Anyone who feels they could use help and guidance through the selling/buying experience.


  • I once took apart a windows computer just to see how it worked.
  • I am one of eight siblings, 3 of us are left handed.
  • I love all animals especially dogs. I have a Yellow Lab who loves to hang out and watch cheesy Sci-Fi movies with me.


  • FAVORITE TEAM: I played Baseball & Basketball as a child. Though I don’t follow any specific team, I enjoy watching Cricket, College Football, Baseball, Soccer, and Basketball.


  • I am very involved with my church where I lead a team who sets up audio and video equipment each week.
  • I have traveled around the country on various missions trips where we have helped those in need. In 2017 I drove to Houston TX to help the organization Eight Days of Hope, with disaster relief from hurricane Harvey.


  • I enjoy mountain biking, hiking, camping, ATV Riding, and road trips.
  • I love computers and anything electrical/mechanical, learning how they work has been a lifelong hobby of mine.

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