10 Reasons Why You Should Live in Richmond!

10 Reasons Why You Should Live in Richmond!

Moving is no small task, and we get that! Whether you’re moving across the country or just to the next street over, the process can be very demanding- both physically and emotionally! So we want to help take some of the stress off of you by giving you some insight as to where you should move to- Richmond, Virginia! 1. A Foodie’s Paradise – Classic Southern cuisine, hip downtown bars, locally owned restaurants – Try the Boathouse for a great date night on the river – Check out the Tottering Teacup for sweets + fun decor – Take a look at Yelp’s Top 10 Foodie Cities of 2091! (hint.. we’re on there!!) 2. A Shopper’s Dream – Small stylish boutiques, cozy thrift shops, friendly farmer’s markets – Outdoor shopping malls (Stony Point Fashion Park + Short Pump Town Center) 3. A Historic Gem – You’re only a drive away from 5 Presidential homes + lots of museums – Near to the Virginia State Capitol – Take a day trip to experience Jamestown, Williamsburg, or Yorktown If you want to find out more about moving to RVA, give us a shout! Keeton & Company Real Estate (804) 556-1228 4. An Outdoor Escape – Go to the James River to float or stop at Belle Isle + Brown’s Island – Wander through parks, hike/bike along trails, or check out golf courses 5. A Memory-Making Kind of Place – Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens – Maymont Park – Metro Richmond Zoo – Science Museum + Children’s Museum – King’s Dominion + Busch Gardens 6. An Eventful Weekend – Go to a concert series, run in a marathon, go to a festival, or visit a craft show – Pick pumpkins + wander through haunted houses in the fall – In the winter, take a Tacky Lights Limo Tour 7. An Artsy Scene – Visit the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts – Browse local art galleries, or stroll through RVA on foot to see the street art 8. A Sunny Getaway – In RVA you’re less than 2 hours from the beach 9. A Breathtaking View – Stunning river views, colorful sunsets, flowers in summer, + snow in the winter! – Beautiful architecture, from historic movie theaters to edgy coffee shops 10. A Wonderful Life – “A small town disguised as a big city”

Should I Sell My Home During the Holidays?

Should I Sell My Home during the Holidays?


People normally say to wait until the spring, but right now is a great time to put your home on the market!


— 3,800 homes are currently ACTIVE in the Central Virginia Market.

— 2,500 homes are currently PENDING in the Central Virginia Market.


What does that mean? >>> WE ARE IN A SELLER’S MARKET!




5 Reasons Why You Should Sell Your Home During the Holidays:


1.  There is less competition in the market

– Buyers are still looking while others take their homes off the market


2.  The buyers are more serious

– If someone looks at a house during the stress of the holidays, they are serious!

– These people are really thinking about buying a house


3.  Faster loan approvals

– Mortgage loan officers are less busy

– Closings can happen pretty quickly


4.  People make moves with the New Year

– Potential buyers think about new beginnings, and want a new place to live


5. Homes look their best during the holidays

– Homes are cleaned up and often have Christmas decorations

– Take advantage of your pretty home! Get pictures taken of it!





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4 Ways to Make Money through Rental Properties!

Hello! I’m Daniel Keeton of the Keeton & Company Real Estate Team with Neumann + Dunn!

We wanted to take the time to talk to you about 4 ways to make money through investment properties! It’s a great, long-term, safe investment!


  1. Through the rent money that your tenants give you
    1. You give them a place to stay, and in return they give you rent money!
    2. You put that money towards the mortgage, and you’re building equity in your house
    3. More money going in than going out – cash flow!
    4. Invest the rental payments
  1. Through appreciation and inflation
    1. Over time, the value of things increases
    2. Home value increases 3% – 5%
    3. Homes in real estate increase 1.75% faster than the inflation of everything else
  1. Through the tax benefit of depreciation
    1. Your home will devalue because it needs work done to it
    2. Over 30 years, the IRS will depreciate the property to 0. Therefore, they give a tax right-off every year for the value of the house divided by 30!
  1. Through adding value to the property yourself
    1. Invest money into fixing up the property (such as paint, exterior work, etc.) to increase the potential value of the property!
    2. This is great because real estate is a tangible investment that you can make changes to yourself


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