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    Take a step back in time in Richmond’s historic Fan District, zip code 23220. This established area is set in the western part of the city and gets its name from its unique fan shape, which diverts from Monroe Park, Richmond’s oldest park. The Fan District is bordered by Broad Street to the north, Cary Street to the south, Belvidere Street to the east and the Boulevard to the west, though some residents believe the boundary lines fall on different streets. Within these boundaries, there is so much to see, from monuments and historic architecture to kitschy shops and bakeries.
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    The Home

    The Fan District features homes and roadways dating back to the early 1800s; however, the district itself was not named until later on in the 19th century. In fact, this area of Richmond is known as one of the most intact Victorian neighborhoods in all of the United States. Moving through the region, the architecture is largely composed of townhouses and rowhouses. Many of the structures are brick in construction and are built no higher than 2 1/2 stories above street level. Inviting front porches and charming details from yesteryear grace the front facades of these buildings and give the Fan District a consistent look from block to block. This is not to say that the neighborhood is not unique, though; rather, the row houses and structures are built in a variety of styles, which range from Queen Anne to Art Deco. Italianate and Colonial Revival are two other prominent styles you find throughout the Fan, amongst others.

    There is a distinct eclectic feel in the Fan – one that cannot be matched in Richmond’s other suburbs. Virginia Commonwealth University – Monroe Park Campus is located just on the fringe of the Fan, and because of this, the historical area features a mixture of co-eds and permanent residents. While their reasons for living in the area might vary, there is one thing that all residents of the neighborhood can agree upon: The walkability of the Fan makes living here a dream.

    Wide sidewalks allow pedestrians to move through the Fan with ease, and there is a delightful mixture of centuries-old brick roads and modern byways to walk along. Besides the approximately 2,000 townhouses that line the city blocks, there are historic single-family residences, several small parks to enjoy, great restaurants to explore and so much more.

    In the Fan, swanky vintage clothing shops reign supreme, check out one of these while making your way through the district:

    • Yesterday’s Heroes
    • Halcyon Vintage Clothing
    • Bygones Vintage Clothing
    • Exile
    • Blue Bones Vintage

    For a more modern boutique shopping experience, the Fan offers:

    • Rumors Boutique
    • Need Supply Co.
    • The Artisans Shop
    • Roan
    • Annalise Bridal Boutique

    Set on residential corners and scattered throughout the district, there are also a number of specialty shops to visit:

    • Black Swan Books
    • Terra Gypsy
    • Strawberry Fields Flowers-Gifts
    • Stock Provisions
    • Balance Bicycle Shop

    Students and residents alike appreciate the abundance of coffee shops throughout the Fan, including:

    • The Lab by Alchemy Coffee
    • Lamplighter Roasting Company
    • Rostov’s Coffee & Tea
    • Starbucks
    • Black Hand Coffee Co.

    When it is time to grab a bite, there are a great deal of cafes to choose from. With diverse menus and easily accessible locations, it is always a good time to eat in the Fan. Check out:

    • The Sidewalk Cafe
    • Harrison Street Cafe
    • Ipanema Cafe LLC
    • Cary Street Cafe
    • Strawberry Street Cafe

    And when it is a more formal meal you crave, there are plenty options for that, too:

    • Kuba Kuba
    • Heritage Restaurant
    • The Black Sheep
    • 8 1/2
    • Acacia Mid-town

    Even with all of the busy streets and brick buildings, the Fan retains some of the natural beauty that central Virginia is famous for, thanks to Monroe Park and the district’s unique pocket parks. While Monroe Park offers 7.5 acres of prominent, lush grounds to explore, many of the pocket parks are tucked away and easily missed by those unfamiliar with the city. For a beautiful place to sit and sip some coffee or to soak up the sun, make your way to one of these small-but-mighty green spaces, which are all within the district:

    • Scuffletown Park
    • Lombardy & Park Avenue Triangle
    • Sydney Park
    • Meadow Park
    • Paradise Park

    The Locations

    Houses for sale in the Fan, Richmond, VA boast a price tag of over $400,000, on average, and for good reason. In this unique, historic neighborhood, the contrasts of life come alive. From the rows of townhouses from the 1800s to the modern coffee shops and breweries that occupy the businesses in between, the draw is undeniable for residents of all ages. Come, see what else the Fan has to offer.