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    Situated in between the Fan and the West End is another one of Richmond’s popular neighborhoods, the Museum District (zip code 23221). It is here that culture comes alive. From its northern border on Broad Street to its southern border on Ellwood Avenue, there are over 22 National Historic Landmarks, beautiful farmhouses from the late 19th century and the early 20th century and rows upon rows of historic townhouses. The Museum District directly abuts the Fan, and in fact, some residents refer to this neighborhood as the Upper Fan. While the regions do have some similarities, the Museum District is all its own.
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    The Home

    Perhaps the biggest draw of this Richmond, VA neighborhood is the museums that it is named for. The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts is one of the popular attractions, with its diverse exhibitions, vast collections of artwork and free admission. Visitors enjoy pieces that date back to ancient times, as well as modern artworks constructed in non-traditional ways. There are a variety of classes and programs available through the museum, which allow patrons to get hands on with the arts from infancy to adulthood.

    Upon leaving the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, the tree-lined streets of the Museum District beckon. Check out the fine examples of traditional architecture – mostly in the form of townhouses, rowhouses, apartment buildings and single-family residences – as you make your way down North Boulevard. Just steps from the art museum is another treasure of the district, the Virginia Historical Society. Patrons visit this gem for a number of reasons, but mostly to either conduct research or to learn more about the history of Virginia, from its landscape to its growth and expansion. There are traveling and permanent exhibits, including those that draw the attention of children.

    Continuing down North Boulevard from the Virginia Historical Society, breathe in the distinct southern charm of the city as you make your way towards another hotspot in the region, Monument Avenue. This street is a magnet all throughout the year, thanks to its rows of deciduous trees that ignite into a kaleidoscope of colors in fall and, of course, its famous monuments. Going down Monument Avenue, you will find homages to Robert E. Lee, Matthew Fontaine Maury, Arthur Ashe, J.E.B. Stuart, Stonewall Jackson and Jefferson Davis. These monuments are spread out down the center of Monument Avenue and span both sides of the main intersection. Street lighting fitting with the historic style of the district completes the picture of this charming byway.

    Foot traffic through the Museum District as a whole is consistent, as everything you need is within walking distance. Mixed in with the rowhouses, there are businesses and restaurants of all types. As you walk around the Museum District, keep your eyes peeled for the mural artwork hidden along the side of buildings and in alleyways, as this region is a participant in the Richmond Mural Project.

    Treat yourself to a haircut or a beauty treatment at one of these Museum District salons and spas:

    • Katie Blue Salon
    • Refuge on Cleveland
    • Marpay Massage
    • Salon 23
    • Kristoferjon

    Intermingled with attorney’s offices, real estate offices and other professional establishments, there a variety of shops and businesses in the Museum District. Make sure to visit:

    • Owen Suter’s Fine Furniture
    • Tommy’s Garden
    • R E Crawford Fine Art and Antiques
    • Nine Roses Jewelers
    • Lucky Roots

    Hungry? No problem – there are plenty of restaurants in the Museum District. With cuisine ranging from American to Indian, and everything in between, it has never been easier to tantalize your taste buds. Try one of these popular eateries:

    • North End Juice Co.
    • Akida Japanese
    • Belmont Pizzeria
    • The Franklin Inn
    • Chiocca’s

    The Locations

    In the Museum District, history is just one part of the equation. From the magnificent architecture to the vast collection of businesses and eateries, and of course the museums, this neighborhood stands as one of Richmond’s most popular. Wide sidewalks and easily navigable streets make this district a walker’s paradise, and if you cannot find what you need in the Museum District, you are just blocks from all the shopping opportunities Cary Street has to offer in Carytown. The draw of the Museum District is undeniable for Richmond natives and travelers alike, and to keep it this way, the neighborhood association hosts events, such as historical home tours and district clean-ups, each year. Come see what else makes the Museum District so unique.